Case Study: Innovation for inkFrog is a listing and management tool for eBay sellers. They are a small company, sometimes overshadowed by their close but much larger competitors.

This project was one focused on product design and innovation. What could inkFrog offer customers to stand out from competitors and better retain customers.

My idea in mid-2009 was to solve the problem of many eBay sellers not knowing the best strategies to maximize their sales potential when listing items on eBay. I created what inkFrog ended up calling, “Smart Lister.” During the process flow for creating a listing for an item on eBay, inkFrog would integrate data from, a tool for researching eBay items. The user would immediately see helpful stats and data with visualisations so that he could have a better shot at selling faster and/or for more money. I also helped create the strategic relationship between inkFrog and Terapeak, and wrote their slogan: “Save time, money, and sanity.”

annotated wireframe (2009)

live version in 2009 using the CEO’s design rather than mine

Three years later, my creation is still inkFrog’s biggest selling point and main feature that differentiates them from very close competitors. Here is a screen shot of their home page in December 2012 showing my “Smart Lister” as their focus. And it looks like they finally redesigned it to be a bit closer to my wireframes. :) Click to enlarge:

ScreenHunter_28 Dec. 26 10.47

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